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How To Avoid Bankruptcy in Chicago

Chicago Bankruptcy Clinic provides first-rate representation to Illinois consumers who would prefer avoiding bankruptcy. While filing for bankruptcy in Chicago allows you to eliminate or restructure your debt, depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, the damage to your credit rating may make it more difficult to borrow money in the future.

We are keenly aware that no one is immune from financial troubles: a job loss, medical emergency, unexpected expenses. Because filing for bankruptcy will have lasting repercussions, however, we often recommend other alternatives before filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

At Chicago Bankruptcy Clinic, we will offer you trustworthy advice and objective insights so that you can make informed decisions. By taking the time to understand your circumstances, we will work to help you find ways of avoiding bankruptcy.

If filing for bankruptcy becomes inevitable, you can take comfort in the fact that you explored other options with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. Because we understand the financial challenges facing you, your initial consultation will be free, and we offer flexible payment plans. The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can assist you avoiding bankruptcy.

How Can I Avoid Bankruptcy In Chicago?

Avoiding bankruptcy can seem inevitable for some, but may be possible for those committed. If you are experiencing financial trouble, bankruptcy is not your only option. Depending on the circumstances, there are a number of preventive measures you can take to avoid bankruptcy, including:

When seeking avoid filing for bankruptcy, consult with Chicago Bankruptcy Clinic, you will be provided with the advice and guidance you need to make the best decisions about your future. We are committed to helping you find ways of avoiding bankruptcy and organizing your finances. Here are some more tips for avoiding bankruptcy.

When Should I Consider Bankruptcy?

If you are facing insurmountable debt, being sued by creditors, or at risk of losing your home, filing for personal bankruptcy may be the best option. For individuals with few or no assets, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will result in a discharge of your unsecured debt. If you have property that you intend to keep (e.g. a home, car), filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to reorganize your debts into a 3-5 year payment plan.

Contact Our Experienced Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are facing insurmountable debt, turn to Chicago Bankruptcy Clinic. When you become our client, we will explore the alternatives to bankruptcy and help decide whether filing bankruptcy is the best option. Above all, we will provide you with informed representation and advice you can rely on. Please contact our office today for a free consultation with one of our bankruptcy lawyers.

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